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Welcome to Web Hosting Palooza!

Yes, it’s time to have a party! A web hosting party, if you can believe it!

Welcome to Web Hosting Palooza. This is my little site for discussing and exploring web hosting issues. My name is Eric Giguere and I’m the host (pun intended!) of this party! I’ve been using web hosting services for over 10 years now and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly… My hope is to provide some useful explanations and commentary on the whole hosting scene so that you can make some informed decisions about what type of hosting to consider, what providers to go with, etc.

Note: This is not one of those fake “review” sites that litter the search results. In fact, you’ll hardly see any web hosting reviews here. What you’ll get is lots (in time) of good information about hosting and maybe a chuckle or two as well.

The first topic of discussion is virtual private server hosting. I recently switched a bunch of my sites to VPS hosting and it wasn’t as smooth a switchover as I had expected. But more on that in the next post…